Sunday, 11 March 2012

Watch and You'll See, Someday I'll Be Part of Your World

This is the one. The one you've been waiting for.

First thing this morning, I met my trainer Katie, and we went straight to Costuming (it's a costume, not a uniform). Many of you might actually die if you saw Costuming. Sadly, backstage pictures are not allowed at all, but if I can remember what it looks like a year from now, ask me then. So I got my lumberjack on in my red and black plaid shirt (not flannel!) and tan culottes (not a skirt, despite what it looks like), put on my fancy name tag from Traditions, and was given a lanyard for trading pins. They give us some special pins you can only get from Cast Members, if they are any collectors out there (I know at least one, you know who you are).

I work all night, I sleep all day
About half my day was spent Backstage with Katie, going over a few e-learning modules and more safety stuff (WHMIS, anyone?), as well as the keys and the Disney basics, which I can recite if anyone wants me to. The other half was spent Onstage (anywhere where a Guest can see me), interacting with Guests, getting a tour of the Pavilion and watching "O Canada!", the Canada Attraction (do it!).
I'm back to Disney University tomorrow for my Merchantainment class. Maybe I'll get a diploma this time?


Note: There's a very real chance I ate lunch near a princess.

Thanks to: Any of the Guests who got the full dose of my awkwardness today. That's not all Canadians, I swear.


  1. I love how all the words are Barney-Stinson-esque. I feel the need to talk like that. It's not work, it's Workducation

    1. They say Synergy a lot. It's very Stinson-esque.