Saturday, 17 March 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Apparently over 39,000 people thought that the best place to spent the day was Epcot. They may have been right. 

So yesterday was my Sunday, and started off my the pool as my days off have been. Eventually I decided to be a productive member of society and went to Walmart with a few other Canadians. In the evening, Laura and I went to Epcot to play, which is what it's called if you show up as a Guest. Pretty much every attraction was 80 minutes or more for standby, and I haven't gathered enough friends yet to get Fast Passes (I am coming for you, Soarin' Cast Members who share the break trailer with Canada), so we were only able to get on Mission to Mars (the green, less intense training) right away. 

Laura and I "playing" at Epcot.
By next Thursday, I'll have been there 6 days in a row. 

Then we joined the epic queue for fish & chips in the UK Pavilion, had some British beer beside the Pooh character topiaries while listening to The British Invasion, the UK entertainment (Canada's is Off Kilter and they're fantastic). I then experienced IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, Epcot's firework show, for the first time. It was amazing! So much better than Wishes at Magic Kingdom. Seriously. Plus, having now seen it, I was prepared to close during the show the next day.

Winnie the Pooh and his red balloon.
Would you believe my phone takes better pictures than my camera?

I didn't work til 1315 today and had every intention of waking up with the sun to go play at Epcot, but then I was too tired and got up at 1000 instead. I picked up Katie (yeah, no bus for me anymore) and 20 minutes later we were immersed in the hugest sea of green I have ever seen. I don't know why so many people flocked to Epcot for St. Patrick's Day, but I know 4,000 more guests than expected showed up. I learned to do leather engraving today. Not hard, but as soon as I started, about 30 guests each decided they needed a bracelet and 6 bag tags each, so I became really good at engraving really fast. It's pretty much a laptop (more like a notepad) attached to this tiny little power tool that carves the letters. We just have to hold the bracelet in place and not make a typo. Katie even recognized my efficiency at our closing meeting with our manager and the UK merchandise cast. Woo!

Spaceship Earth lit up for nighttime viewing. Gorgeous. 


Note: I saw so much green beer today (straight from Rose & Crown, the UK pub) and didn't get any. Don't feel too bad for me though, I'll feel super tomorrow for my opening shift. 

Thanks to: Mary and her mom for both sending me mail! YAY! 

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