Friday, 30 March 2012

We Just Keep Swimming On

Another weekend full of parks! I'd say "I could get used to this," but I already am. Yeeeeaahhhhh.

Fantasia mushroom topiaries (Hop Low on the right, I think) at Epcot.
The International Flower and Garden Festival ends in May.

Yesterday began by the poolside with some safe tanning (under SPF 50, but still picking up colour somehow). I then accompanied my friend Corin to the main Lost & Found of Walt Disney World, located (for future reference) at the Ticket & Transportation Centre. We took the long way, on the bus to Epcot from the Commons (where we live), then the monorail from Epcot to the TTC. After successfully recovering the lost item (her UK drivers license), we took another monorail from the TTC to Magic Kingdom, as I haven't spent nearly enough time there. First, we had a reunion with our big boss (aka we met Mickey Mouse). He kissed my hand, I died of happiness, and his character attendant scolded him and reminded him of Minnie, at which point Mickey got really embarrassed. It was the cutest thing I had seen so far!

Corin, Mickey and I at the Town Square Theater.
Our boss cleans up well. 

As soon as we left the Town Square Theater (where Mickey was), the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade was due to start (one of three MK parades), so we parked ourselves on the ground like children and thoroughly enjoyed it. After the parade, we found the nearest bathroom (Tomorrowland) and the next nearest character without an hour-long wait, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, right outside the Mad Tea Party ride (more famously known as the Teacups). He saw Corin and immediately proposed (the now cutest thing I've ever seen). He was only slightly less thrilled to see me.

...And I am obviously pleased to see him. 

We grabbed lunch and queued for It's a Small World (it was hot out, we had to get inside). Guest Insider tip for It's a Small World: I don't care how awesome your family picture is going to be, under no account should an entire family slide to one side of the boat! Balance, people. We didn't tip, but I did begin to doubt the basic physics knowledge of Disney World guests as a whole. On our way out, we came across Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny, special limited edition character guests. No line! Amazing!

Orchids in bloom at the entrance to Animal Kingdom

Today, Corin and I and two new Canadians (new to Epcot, not Canada) went to Animal Kingdom. We went a bit too late in the day to see the animals (they go to sleep when it's too hot), so we focused on other things. We started with Finding Nemo: The Musical. It was amazing, and yeah, I cried (Have you seen Finding Nemo? Do you know how much I like musicals? Have we even met?).

Fish Are Friends, Not Food.
Yeah, I took this legally. 
Then we high-tailed it to Expedition Everest to get Fast Passes for later, then to Festival of the Lion King. From now on, when people ask me what I do at Disney World, I'm going to say I'm a tumbler monkey in Festival of the Lion King. Totally believable. We stopped for lunch at Restaurantosaurus, I met Thumper and Mrs. Bunny from Bambi, as well as Pluto, and then we queued an hour for the Kali River Rapids ride. It was incredibly boring, but we got soaked and cooled down considerably on the ride. We were out just in time to catch Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade and hop on Expedition Everest. Terrifying. It goes backwards in the dark. Who's idea was that?! Anyway, I conquered Everest today.

It's been a good weekend for characters for me.

Expedition Everest, it's been a slice.

I've been cleaning tonight, as we have an inspection coming up soon. I just heard the dryer, and if you don't already know, culottes wrinkle quickly...


Note: I was extremely mislead as to my hours here. There is now way I'll ever have to do a 15 hour shift as a Canadian. World Showcase isn't even open 15 hours a day. I do have to complete 32 hours weekly to keep my Visa though.

Thanks to: Mickey's character attendant at Magic Kingdom, who made the very unfortunate decision to joke that I couldn't use my own camera for Mickey pictures. He laughed like you wouldn't believe, even after finding out I'm a Cast Member.

Don't recognize my Disney song lyric title today? There's actually a song called Just Keep Swimming in Finding Nemo: the Musical.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Be a Very Wary Bear

My days of the week are all mixed up. I think it's Thursday, but it's just my fourth consecutive work day. Anyway...

Sunday I went into work slightly earlier than usual. I really wanted to do a few things around Epcot that I'm not allowed to do in costume, like for example take pictures or make purchases.

Amazing sand sculture I've been wanting to photograph since Day 1.

So for the first time ever, I went to work in normal clothes with my costume in a bag (boots are really heavy to carry, btw). Luckily for me, my timing was just perfect, because Duffy the Disney bear had just come back from his break and was ready for another round of hugs and pictures! YAY! My first character picture! I plan to purchase my own Duffy, probably in Jedi attire, and then get another picture. Big Duffy also changes outfits around holidays, so I'm looking forward to that.

Duffy the Disney Bear and I!
Besides whoever's in the UK, Duffy's the closest character to Canada.

Monday marked the beginning of yet another Spring Break. Seriously America, stop staggering your Spring Breaks. I can't handle it. Everyday when we arrive, there's a notice on our dry-erase board with projected park attendance. Yesterday was projected to be Medium. Yeah, no. So many guests, and so many guests wanting leather engraving done at 8:40 at night. It's a little trickier at night, due to darkness and insects, not to mention huge masses of people and IllumiNations warning music (thumping jungle music starts at 8:30). I was quite glad to head home. Since it was Monday, it was games night at Jen's house (she always hosts games). I brought cookies again, but only five people showed up, and four were from merchandise. Fine by us, we played multiple rounds of Apples to Apples and Scattergories, both of which ended in hilarity due to lack of sleep. Lots of fun though!

I started today by the pool and am due in Canada for 1500. Stay tuned for more adventures?


Note: Price Management (who maintains the housing) has decided to simultaneously repave 90% of the parking lots. I now park further from my house than the exit. Riiiiiight.

Thanks to: Fellow lumberjack Amanda for showing up in Canada in normal clothes to take pictures.

Briana and I, lumberjacks with Canada Mickey Ears.