Saturday, 26 January 2013

I'm Like a Shooting Star, I've Come So Far

A new post. Already. I know! It's going to be a very busy month for me, what with so many magical things to do and so little time in which to do them. 
On Tuesday, we said a Canadian farewell to one of our very special and legacy cast members, DeAnna from Attractions. A bunch of (both costumed and uncostumed) Canadian cast members flooded the pre-show area of Oh Canada to watch DeAnna's last spiel, in which the movie is traditionally introduced but the leaving cast member gets a lovely introduction and gets to say some tear-inducing words about their program. Not a dry eye in the house, DeAnna.
Briana, Sam, Amanda and I bond on Christopher Robin's bed.
I know, Canada in the UK? Gasp!
The sadness continues Wednesday, when we said au revoir to Briana and Amanda, the only two remaining merchandise cast members senior to me. The ladies got the traditional gathering in the store of friends, Canadians, former managers, loved ones and parents but managed to keep things funny by speaking in unison when they were asked how their program went (answer: "It was great!"). After leaving their handprints (literally) on the ceiling of our backroom, we all gathered to watch Amanda, Briana and DeAnna all toss their well-worn hiking boots into the waterfall (DeAnna only tossed one, it's an attractions thing) in an epic tradition that likely makes Imagineering hate us.

Merchandise and Attractions folk posing prettily. 
In the evening, Briana and Amanda had their goodbye dinner at 'Ohana at the Polynesian resort. We stuffed ourselves with too much meat served from skewers and had drinks out of pineapples.
Thursday was graduation for all cast members with programs ending prior to March 1st (my end date is the 27th, for the curious). I got all dolled up and went over to the field behind Chatham Square, a residence like the Commons, with fellow graduating Canadians Briana, Amanda, DeAnna, Chelsea, Sarah, Sam and Ashley, where we proceeded to line up multiple times for our certificates, our graduation ears, our pictures with Minnie and Mickey Mouse, our pictures with our flag, and food.

Canada, your CRP class of March 1st, 2013.
Magical twins Lindsey and Linzi  celebrating our last days together. 
We then packed a change of clothes (jeans and hoodies, it gets cold at night still) and went to Magic Kingdom for a ton of castle photos, a few rides, dinner and the last showing of Wishes for Briana, Amanda and DeAnna. Darn you Wishes, why you gotta be so happy and so sad?

Friday was everyone's last day in housing, but obviously not mine yet, so I went to Animal Kingdom with Rhys to start crossing things off of my "I haven't done this yet" list. We tackled Rafiki's Planet Watch (featuring the Conservation Station), It's Tough to Be a Bug, the Triceratops Spin, the Africa Nature Trail and we met Russel and Dug from Up. In the evening, Lindsay and I spent quality time with the $10 dinner box from Pizza Hut, Molson Canadian and Mrs. Doubtfire.
The Conservation Station!
There was a lion having dental work done, but it felt rude to watch.
Hakuna matata Rafiki, Canada will help you save the planet!
I was back to work today for a surprisingly understaffed shift spent mostly upstairs making magic for the masses and not concealing my excitement when I saw the new FriendShip Boat trading pins for the first time.


Note: I found out yesterday that the entirety of Magic Kingdom, plus the 30 acres of parking, can all fit in the savannah of Animal Kingdom. How amazing is that?

Thanks to: DeAnna, for passing down her legacy award to me. It's now my favourite award of all time. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tell Me Princess, Now When Did You Last Let Your Heart Decide?

For a limited time only, it actually snowed it little Canada last week. As part of Limited Time Magic, the thing for 2013 for Disney Parks, we had "Disney Magic" snow aka snowp (rhymes with soap, cuz that's what it is) intermittently blowing over the promenade in front of Canada, under the roof of our cart and, on more than one occasion, into our eyes and costumes. Accompanying the snow were Chip, Dale, Daisy and Donald Duck in their winter best. Donald was actually in Canada plaid, although I think he was visiting from Fort Wilderness, and the rest were in semi-Christmas gear. The event was billed as a Winter Wonderland in Canada, telling guests to come play in the snow. Naturally, guests thought Canada was going to provide their children with real Canadian snow with which to play. I actually told a guest that the Disney parks don't support hypothermia in children, and suggested a visit to real Canada.
How Disney interprets 'Canadian characters'.
Donald Duck...what are you doing?
On Tuesday, I went into work early to line up in my own pavilion to meet out characters. The keeners came out in droves, and the line was never shorter than twenty minutes. Luckily, I was the last "family" before the next set, so while the characters strolled off, I did the same. I went and visited my favourite bear, Duffy, and we both pointed to Canada for pictures, then I went to experience Fountain View Ice Cream in Future World. It's closing in March to make way for a Starbucks. I just barely had time to get a new outfit for my own Duffy bear (he's Peter Pan now) before going to work for the rest of the day.
Duffy loves Canada. It's just over my shoulder.
On Wednesday, I got a very slight early release from work and spent the night in the Polynesian resort with Bailey, Briana, Amanda and Sam. It was a little too late and dark to tan when I arrived, so we got to roast marshmallows on the beach instead. I think I had six. Then we got all dolled up, took the monorail from the Polynesian to Magic Kingdom, then a resort bus from Magic Kingdom to the Yacht Club for dinner at the Yachstman Steakhouse to use a remaining 50% meal coupon.
Safety begins with fire and children on a beach. 
Me, Briana, Amanda and Sam on the Hidden Mickey at the Polynesian. 
The next morning, Bailey got up early to work, Briana and Amanda got up early to tan, and Sam and I slept in the glory that is deluxe resort beds until 10, when we had to pack it up and check out. We had lunch (I had breakfast) at the Polynesian and did some shopping until the sky had completely clouded over and we took off. I spent the rest of my weekend mostly indoors, hiding from miserable weather, and attempted to score some cheap Disney merch at Property Control.
I've compiled a list (on Disney Parks receipt paper) of things I have yet to do during the remainder of my time. I hope to accomplish and document them all, for your enjoyment and mine.


Note: This week's Limited Time Magic is Long-Lost Friends week in Magic Kingdom. I shall attempt to track down Robin Hood.

Thanks to: Dana, for the Canadian treats (aka chocolate maple cookies that our guests would kill us for) this week!