Saturday, 3 March 2012

I Know Every Mile Will Be Worth My While

Epic American Road Trip, Day 2!

The list of states crossed today is a lot shorter than yesterday, but I'd like to think we covered the same distance and just happened to tackle big states today. 

After a tank refill (Worse than the commute between Kitchener and Hamilton on gas) and a very long shower (What? BBW products in hotel bathrooms!), we left Virginia in pretty warm weather and continued on our way. We switched highways through Virginia, which is probably why it felt like we were there for so darn long. 

Charlottesville, VA
Look! Geography! And grass!

We finally hit North Carolina, and then half an hour into South Carolina, we finally found a hotel containing an (apparently rare) indoor pool that was Cracker Barrel adjacent. There are seriously signs for Cracker Barrel every three miles, I’m surprised we lasted this long without succumbing to the pressure. 

Welcome Center, SC
It'd be so cool if it actually looked like that.

It was starting to get all rainy when we were arriving at the hotel, and I hear the weather back home wasn’t too great either. We heard reports of tornado weather in Georgia from people in the hotel pool (who were from Ferguson’s Falls, half an hour from Perth), but I guess we shall see!

A total of 898km today (around 2175km total for me). Tomorrow we should be in Orlando!


Note: I had chicken and dumplings for the first time ever at Cracker Barrel. Fat kid powers, activate!

Thanks to: Ashley, first to comment on my blog and blog helper extraordinaire. 

Friday, 2 March 2012

I Am on My Way, I Can Go the Distance

Epic American Road Trip, Day 1!

My mom and I left Perth at 0630 when the sun was rising over the gigantic snow banks (it snowed yesterday in an attempt to keep me in!). We hit the border/ I turned off my Blackberry just over two hours later, and after a short detainment, we were off!

First Welcome Center,  Millionth Self-Portrait
Whitney Point, NY

We passed through New York (via Wellesley Island), Pennsylvania, Maryland (for about, oh, fifteen minutes) and West Virginia. As soon as we hit Virginia, the road trip was declared officially over for the day and the nice lady at the Virginia Welcome Center helped us find hotels nearby. I'd be helpful too, if I was surrounded everyday by declarations of "Virginia is for Lovers!". I may have picked up a bumper sticker...

That's a total of 842km (523 miles, y'all) today, and a grand total 1262km for me, if you're keeping track. I know I am.

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Note: I made custom agents laugh today with one word. Lumberjack.

Thanks to: The modern world, in which wi-fi is a standard feature in hotel rooms.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

When There's a Smile in your Heart, There's no Better Time to Start

No big exciting adventures yet, unless you consider long drives adventures, in which case I have so very many ahead of me!

Happy to leave sketchville.

Yesterday was Moving Day. My stuff was moved out of my apartment while I unsuccessfully attempted to stay out of the way. Whatever possessions didn't make the Orlando cut get stored for the year. Through some small miracle, I only had to upgrade my storage unit size once. Listen, it all fits, it's supposed to be up to the ceiling. It's efficient use of space, okay? Anyway, that's future Lindsey's problem.

These movers better have mad Tetris skills.

Today was Travelling Day, part I. I drove the 420km from Kitchener to Perth, the first half in some kind of horrible rain/ice/snow mix and the second half in sunshine (This will be a great story for future coworkers/visitors who don't have Canadian weather, as well as my multiple Tim Horton's stops).

Tomorrow is Perth Downtime Day. I'm getting a haircut and colour, in an attempt to look as wholesome as possible.

I'm terribly exciting as a Canadian in Canada, aren't I...?


Note: I won't be naming days for much longer.

Thanks to: The Oliverios B&B!