Wednesday, 29 February 2012

When There's a Smile in your Heart, There's no Better Time to Start

No big exciting adventures yet, unless you consider long drives adventures, in which case I have so very many ahead of me!

Happy to leave sketchville.

Yesterday was Moving Day. My stuff was moved out of my apartment while I unsuccessfully attempted to stay out of the way. Whatever possessions didn't make the Orlando cut get stored for the year. Through some small miracle, I only had to upgrade my storage unit size once. Listen, it all fits, it's supposed to be up to the ceiling. It's efficient use of space, okay? Anyway, that's future Lindsey's problem.

These movers better have mad Tetris skills.

Today was Travelling Day, part I. I drove the 420km from Kitchener to Perth, the first half in some kind of horrible rain/ice/snow mix and the second half in sunshine (This will be a great story for future coworkers/visitors who don't have Canadian weather, as well as my multiple Tim Horton's stops).

Tomorrow is Perth Downtime Day. I'm getting a haircut and colour, in an attempt to look as wholesome as possible.

I'm terribly exciting as a Canadian in Canada, aren't I...?


Note: I won't be naming days for much longer.

Thanks to: The Oliverios B&B!

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  1. I'm so glad you went with that picture outside the apartment instead of the boring one. If this was Facebook, I'd totally "like" it.