Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Look at the World - So Close, and I'm Halfway to it

No more business attire for me!

I finished my classroom training today. The rest of my training will happen in lumberjack gear at my Pavilion. 

"Earning my Ears" = I do not know the answers to your questions.

Today I reported to backstage Epcot, where you can find Costuming and Cast Member Services. My group watched a video on the history and concept of Epcot, what it was supposed to be and how it developed into what it is (if you don't know, check it out here). We talked a bit about diversity and culture, and touched on those darn Disney basics again (different than the keys I mentionned earlier). The Disney basics are:
  • I project a positive image and energy.
  • I stay in character and play the part.
  • I am courteous and respectful to all Guests, including children.
  • I go above and beyond.
I just did that from memory. It's etched into my brain forever. After we learned all about Epcot, we took off our nametags and went to the park as Guests to get a tour and experience some Epcot highlights. We went on Spaceship Earth, which is the attraction inside and the name of the icon of Epcot. We walked through Innoventions. 

Spaceship Earth, the geodesic sphere icon of Epcot

Close-up of Spaceship Earth's surface

We were going to walk the mile and a half around the World Showcase, but then surprise! Private boat tour for new Cast!  That was a way better way to experience the Showcase. That, or the Segway tour which I plan to take at some point in the year. Watch me wipe out in my own Pavilion. 

My own Pavilion, site of future Segway incident
We finished at noon, at which point I reported to Costuming to get more (duh) costumes. So it turns out I'm a very popular size for culottes, as there were no more. There's a form to fill out if that happens, which basically requests that they acquire more (MORE CULOTTES!). Lots of plaid shirts though! I also checked out a coat from Winter Wear. I would've needed it on Sunday, when it rained, but watch me never need it now that I have it. 

That's my day, back to lumberjack training tomorrow!


Note: When Spaceship Earth gets rained on, the sphere collects the rain water which is later used in the fountains throughout the park. Additionally, there are 11, 324 triangles on Spaceship Earth's surface. 

Thanks to: The horticulturists of Epcot for the gorgeous topiaries gracing the park for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.

Pluto, in plant form!


  1. Hi Lindsey,
    I would love to know what the costumes are for the US pavilion.

  2. Not sure! Haven't been there! I think they're Colonial-looking, but I'll get pictures eventually.