Monday, 12 March 2012

In Every Job That Must be Done, There is an Element of Fun

This morning I was on the bus before dawn to get to Disney University on time for my Merchantainment  (Merchandise + Entertainment) class. I don't think I mentioned yesterday that I'm the only new Merchandise Lumberjack. There was actually a classroom that's half chairs and half fake CashWraps/ POS systems/ cash registers, complete with fake US cash, fake Travellers' checks (cheques?) and fake credit cards. It was pretty elaborate for retail training. It also turns out I can't count out change anymore. Sure, I can draw blood, but I sure as hell can't count change. Oh boy.

Disnet University has a huge pest problem
Not as creepy as you'd think

The afternoon was spent doing more e-learning modules, which was pretty darn boring, but I'll have you know I'm now a pro on the 2012 Disney Dining Plans, and relearned everything there is to know about fire extinguishers.
After class, I wandered around Disney University and found Company D, one of the cast-exclusive merchandise locations (there's another one backstage Epcot). I also found Cast Connection and Property Control across the parking lot. Did I mention Disney University is backstage Magic Kingdom? Anyway, so are the cast stores. Cast Connections is basically super old or discontinued merchandise at ridiculously reduced prices, and they randomly sell fruit and milk. Property Control is things that were used around the parks that are now for sale to Cast, like mugs and plates and random German shelving units (straight from the German Pavilion), for more ridiculously low prices. Yeah, I'm coming back poor. But with a German shelving unit! Kidding! Or am I...
I found the mailboxes today and was able to get a few more shots of my residence. Enjoy!

Home sweet home. Only one entrance means superb security.

The mail center, where I'll be getting so much mail soon.

Lizards everywhere!


Note: There's a serious danger of me becoming a pin collector. I got a new Cast one.

Thanks to: Anyone at Disney University who called me by name today and didn't laugh when I was surprised they knew it (nametag, duh).

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