Saturday, 10 March 2012

Like All You Lovely Folks, I've Got a dream!

The first of many long days.

Today was what is known as Traditions. It's Disney training in a classroom taught by former princesses. Not kidding.

More legit than University of Windsor

How to Make School Exciting - Start with a Castle

We were bussed to Disney University this morning, where we were given the once-over for the Disney look. My shoes were not Disney look. That's what I get for wearing Crocs to traditions.

Ashleigh, Laura and I in our Traditions gear

We did a lot on the history of the company, the Disney look and stage presence (including the Disney point, the Disney swoop and the Disney scoop) but spent most of the time, and took a field trip, to learn about Disneys four keys - safety, courtesy, show and efficiency. The field trip? Backstage Magic Kingdom. It's not actually underground as you might think. It turns out underground in the state of Florida doesn't really happen, so backstage/underground is actually the first floor, and Magic Kingdom is the second floor. We were hooked up to these little microphone packs so we could hear our trainer the entire time, and we all looked super cool in Magic Kingdom with our earpieces and business attire.

You know you're a big deal when the boss comes to training.
Our reward at the end of the day was both our Disney Employee ID, aka free park access and discounts, as well as our glittery new nametags with our hometowns, personally delivered by the big cheese himself. It was surprisingly moving taking the shiny pin out of the gold sparkly box. There may have been some tears. Not actually me this time.

Perth Pride Forever. I didn't cry.
This evening I had to go purchase my lumberjack boots, as I need them for first thing tomorrow morning. Luckily, Orlando Premium Outlets happens to me extremely close, and they happened to have a Timberland outlet. Done! Then Laura, Ashleigh and I headed to Magic Kingdom to catch the end of the Electric Parade, Wishes (the fireworks show), and take a spin on Space Mountain before dragging our tired selves home for another early morning (made even worse by this daylight savings business).

Cast Members still have to wait in line for Space Mountain.


Note: Walt Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan, and has 10 times more Cast Members than the population of Perth, ON.

Thanks to: Everyone I left behind in Canada. I wanted you all to be there with me at Wishes tonight. You'll all have to come watch with me. Obviously.

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