Sunday, 4 March 2012

Life's an Easy Road, With Someone Beside You to Share the Load

Epic American Road Trip, the thrilling conclusion!

We left South Carolina very late by our standards (It was 0900) after a huge breakfast and way too many cups of our preferred caffeine source (seriously, you ask for tea or coffee, they bring you a carafe - very counterproductive to road travel). We had sunny but very windy weather through the rest of SC, as well as through Georgia and into Florida, but we finally made it!

Georgia Welcome Center
Free peaches weren't on their minds...

That's Spanish moss above me.
Despite the facial expression, I was very excited to see it.

Karen (my GPS, for anyone who doesn't know) brought us right to our hotel and past multiple exciting billboards. I have a feeling I'm extremely close to where I'll be living for the next year of my life.

View from hotel window.
There's also a hot tub you can't see. Glorious!

I have no idea what we're supposed to do tomorrow, since I can't check in to my new home til Tuesday at noon. I think mom actually wants to hit up a Disney about that? If we go, we'll have to pay full price like suckers (no Disney discounts til next weekend).


Note: The science nerd in me can't get over the bizarre tree population. What isn't a palm tree is an evergreen, and what isn't an evergreen is covered in Spanish moss. Does not compute.

Thanks to: My mom for accompanying me on this epic American road trip!