Wednesday, 7 March 2012

No Matter How your Heart is Grieving, If You Keep on Believing

...The dreams that you wish will come true.

I missed a few days. 

Here's what happened: Mom and I had a day of downtime in Orlando, which was mostly spent poolside. Win. 

I moved into my apartment at noon the next day and was really shocked because it was not what I was expecting at all. I got assigned to a residence consisting of about thirty buildings called The Commons. At the moment, I appear to have three roommates, one girl from Japan and two from Norway, and they've all lived in this unit for at least the last six months. It's weird. Mom and I took a trip to Downtown Disney to help me recover. 

Downtown Disney
My mom's a pirate!

The first piece in my lightsaber collection. 

This morning I woke up at the crack of 0700 after not much sleep for the first day of real Disney training. This morning, all the new Cultural Representatives met at the Commons Clubhouse for a morning of paperwork and talks about security and rules and housing. We had the briefest of lunch breaks before we got on a bus to the Vista Way Welcome Center, where we did more paperwork (I got a handwritten Disney nametag, that was rather exciting), and got electronically assigned to our rooms, and got our travel ID photos taken. This is for taking the shuttles to and from parks and malls and Walmart, etc. 

I'm smiling twice! My first piece of Disney ID!

Then we got on yet another bus to the Casting Center, somewhere within the Disney World walls, where we did rounds of immigration papers and visa stuff and got a chat on the Disney look. I'm obviously fine in the Disney look department.

Golden character pillars in the Casting Building

Me, Chelsea and Laura at the Casting Center

My plans for the evening included dinner at Oliver Garden (you're jealous) with two other Canadian girls, Chelsea and Laura, and tonight Chelsea and I took the monorail several times and eventually wandered around the Polynesian Resort.

Polynesian Resort!
After this, we found a beach and a luau. Really. 

It has been a very long day, but I have the next two off before Traditions on Saturday. 


Note: For those of you wondering if I get an axe as a lumberjack, the answer is most definitely no. No fake or real weapons allowed!

Thanks to: One of the English boys for a brief discussion of Doctor Who and multiple proper British pronunciations of TARDIS.

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