Friday, 9 March 2012

Such Wonderful Things Surround You, What More Are You Looking for?

Days off! Something tells me I ought to enjoy them while I can.

I ended up relocating first thing Thursday morning. My new apartment is slightly closer to the pool and bus stop, and the general format is the same (third floor, three roommates). It's quieter, cleaner and generally more welcoming than the last one. I met a roommate from Japan who's name I can't quite recall, but I'm sure I'll see her again soon. 

This pond is full of the noisiest either frogs or bugs.
Really weird birds show up here, too.

So this is where I live now.

Most of Thursday afternoon was spent poolside. There are multiple pools with the multiple apartment complexes, and we all have access to all of them. This was is literally half a block from my new digs. It was just lovely! The pool itself was pretty darn cold though.
In the evening, Ashleigh, Laura (two other Canadians) and I headed Downtown Disney for dinner at the House of Blues. Spending all day in the sun makes us pretty ravenous...Try not to hate me (did I mention we get a discount at most restaurants? Yeah.).

Poolside view. That's Laura on the left.

We had to get a snack first. There's an AMC Downtown Disney.
(Ashleigh and Laura)

The first restaurant where we exploited our Cast Member discount.

I woke up later this morning and four of us Canadians (Laura, Ashleigh, Chelsea and I) headed to Walmart. It seem to take a lot of things to make us feel at home, but the #1 thing has got to be cleanliness. All the Canadians so far have moved in and wanted to clean straight away. 
A few hours this afternoon were spent poolside again, until the sky clouded up in a very ominous way, so we packed up. Ashleigh and I had to brush up on our ironing skills to look professional for Traditions tomorrow. I unpacked completely this evening and chatted a bit with my new Italian roommate, Gaia. I am now off to bed, as I have an early morning and a long day ahead of me.


Note: When it comes to the Disney International Program, no one is fired, they are "terminated", and no one quits, they "self-terminate". You just learned something!

Thanks to: Laura for helping me move, and Mackenzie who's going to send me mail.

OH! My address is available to anyone who wants it, but I feel weird about posting it. 


  1. You better publish your address if you want any care packages. If you don't post or email it I will take it as a sign that you do not want care packages.
    P.S. How many different pronunciations of TARDIS are there? I thought there was only one?!?

  2. The proper way is with an English accent. There is no other correct way.