Friday, 29 June 2012

If You Say it Loud Enough, You'll Always Sounds Precocious

Friday was the first of many days of continual rain (thanks, Tropical Storm Debby). Lindsay Wilson (we have to do full names, and even then, people get confused) and I headed Downtown Disney early to pick up tickets for a late night showing of Brave, which had opened the previous midnight. Since we had nothing else to do while waiting, we decided to go to the Fork & Screen for dinner and Rock of Ages. Fork & Screen was decadent, as per usual, and Rock of Ages was epic (though nothing like sitting front row at the actual musical). Between movies, we danced along with the children's entertainer, there every night from 7-10pm. The rest of the Brave party had arrived from work, so we rejoined them and Brave was just wonderful. I see plush bear purchases in my future. And a Scottish accent.

The rain continued almost all week at work. The cart remained closed for several days, a surplus of lumberjacks got to go home early (yours truly included....what? it was boring!). Wednesday I had a flash of deja vu from my life as an MLT and went into Canada for 7am. It was a floorset shift, meaning we were completely redesigning the merchandise at the cart and in the store, which must occur before park open.
That evening, I was woken up from my almost nap by Anastasia and Samantha, who were heading to Magic Kingdom for dinner and Wishes. It seemed like a better option than sleeping, so I went. We ate at the Pinocchio Village Haus, which has new fantastic flatbreads, and we were able to get on the new Flying Dumbo ride. Flying Dumbo is not new, but now there are two side-by-side Dumbo rides now (one for stand-by, one for Fast Passes). We each got our own elephant, it was fantastic.
Magical Canadians before Wishes.
I swear, seeing that castle will never get old. 
I thoroughly enjoy puns of all kinds.
Thanks, Philharmagic. 
We were able to get a ride each on Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain (the ones you leave for late at night) before the park's "Kindly get the hell out" music started. I was up for 21 hours. Worth it! 
The next day (yesterday) I did a full day of Hollywood Studios with Lesley and Jen, whom you may remember from the All Day Star Tours post. We were able to squeeze in two rounds of Star Tours, Rock'n Roller Coaster and lunch at Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano before Jen had to jet off to her graduation. I've been told her program's ending soon, but I don't accept it. Lesley and I filled in the rest of our day with several more rounds of Star Tours, two more times on Rock'n Roller Coaster, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Lights Motor Action Extreme Stunt Show, Great Movie Ride and the Studio Backlot Tour. The Studio Backlot Tour requires four volunteers for every show, and Lesley and I happened to be in the right place and the right time (with a lot of enthusiasm) to be selected. They basically put four of us in head-to-toe raingear and have us get soaked and run around like idiots for guest enjoyment. I'm okay with it.

We're action movie heroes.
Autographs available at the Canada Pavilion.
We stuck around for Fantasmic (it's fantastic) and headed home with the rest of the crowd. I slept for twelve hours. I'm sure you can tell that I needed it.


Note: Happy early 145th birthday, Canada! Everything I do (here), I do it for you.

Thanks to: Eddie, our fave Start Tours CP, who delayed rotation twice to be our Gate Agent...that's magical of you, Eddie!

We're not even doing Star Tours after August. 


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