Thursday, 21 June 2012

Come Roll in All the Riches All Around You

Wow, so it's been a week since my last post and I honestly can't remember a thing about my work week. It's all one big plaid blur. Days off, however...

Last Friday evening, I headed to Magic Kingdom in the evening with Amanda to meet her cousins, who were visiting from Canada. Since they weren't meeting us until after their dinner, we had time to grab FastPasses for Space Mountain, go to Country Bear Jamboree for my first time (it's Canada on the inside, let's face it), go on Pirates of the Caribbean and discuss the previous week's Amazing Race. When her cousins met us, we tackled Mad Tea Party, aka the spinning teacups, aka another ride I will be avoiding for the rest of my program, as well as Jungle Cruise, the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and another viewing of Wishes. We stuck around for Disney's Electrical Parade, which photographs quite poorly, as well as the park's extra magic hours.

Amanda and I defending the galaxy.
Does anyone actually buy these pictures anymore?
Amanda's cousins were actually resort guests, and Amanda and I... well we found a way to get on the attractions, let's leave it at that. We were able to get into Mickey's Philharmagic, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion and the newly reopened Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We also checked out more of the Storybook Circus expansion that recently soft-opened, featuring the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station just beside the now-dual Dumbo rides. It's a teeny tiny water park that's circus train-themed. The second Dumbo wasn't ready to be ridden just yet, and the interactive queue area wasn't quite ready either. Soon.

The Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station at dusk.
Little to no children. Perfect. 
Today I headed to SeaWorld (I know, another non-Disney park!) with Bailey and Sam, two of the Canadian merchies I can't remember if I've mentioned or not. I bought a season pass, and good thing, cuz it's fantastic! We petted and fed stingrays, we fed sea lions, we saw a pirate-themed sea lion and otter show, we rode a roller coaster called Manta, in which you ride parallel to the tracks like you're on the belly of a manta ray, we saw flamingoes, we saw the Shamu show, we experienced a day in the life of a sea turtle on Turtle Trek and we rode a simulator called Wild Arctic. 

Flamingoes at SeaWorld.
They're so sleepy.
This 1300-lb beauty is either Charlotte, Sarah or Oakley.
Either way, s/he was definitely judging me. 
The best part of the day was no doubt our decision to purchase the Dine All Day Deal, in which you pay $30 for the day and then you get a drink, a side and an entree at any of some six restaurants. We tackled three in 7.5 hours. Then had ice cream. Yup, no more eating for me. It was just all so good! Way to go, SeaWorld. See you real soon. 

Me, Sam and Bailey with wall penguins.

Note: I took my first step towards becoming a Disney trainer this week. Hey mom, I may end up teaching someone something after all!

Thanks to: Erin, Mackenzie and Aimee for the mail this week, and Alana for retrieving my mail from my old old apartment!


  1. Did I mail you at an old apartment?

  2. Negative. I got your mail a few days ago, then misplaced it, then found it.

  3. You saw way more ocean life than we did on our NewBrunswick trip!