Monday, 2 July 2012

Tell Everybody I'm on my Way and I'm Loving Every Step I Take

My Life as a Lumberjack  - Canada Day Edition!

Surprise surprise, I couldn't be in Canada, Sr. for Canada Day. I'm really glad I work in Canada Jr., where they know how to treat their Canadians.
The Canadians and I were greeted at the break trailer by tables fully decked out in red and white tablecloths with red and white decorations everywhere, and a very professional-looking sign that might as well have said "Back off, Soarin' cast.".

How to fancy up a trailer - Canadian version
They really should have put "Canadian Cast Members."
Don't touch my patriotism!
 We had our morning meeting in Canada for the first time in my Disney history (it's usually in the UK toy shop), and we took some cast photos on the stairs to the pavilion and reenacted the British North America Act of 1867...we unceremoniously booted the UK out of Canada. It. Was. Hilarious. 
So long UK, and thanks for all the fish.
I'm the furthest left Canadian, FYI.
The promenade along Canada was completely decked out in Canada flags of all shapes and sizes, and for this one day, we were given and allowed to wear the Canada Mickey Ears pin. Not gonna lie, Disney look was completely violated for the day. Canada bling everywhere. At lunch, we were given free pizza and ice cream (the fancy premium ice cream they sell in the parks), as well as the infamous Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup from Le Cellier. 
Canadian cast (usually including me), as well as guests, visiting Cast, and American cast working in Canada, burst into spirited rounds of Oh Canada! at least five times (twice in five minutes, once), and our Canadian guest book rarely got closed all day. I finished in the early evening, with enough time to ride Soarin' once (one of them traded FastPasses for ice cream) and get a Moosehead on tap in the only place outside of Canada. 
Me, Rodi and Bailey being uber-Canadian.
Polyester capes get really hot in July in Florida, btw.
My name is Lindsey, and I am Canadian. 


Note: A bunch of the Canadians went to Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort on Saturday. It's a buffet dinner with five characters. Fun times!

Chef Mickey, why did you have to make so much
delicious food?!
Thanks to: Any and all cast members (in costume or not so much) who sang with me on the promenade. Come see me if you want a GSF for it. 

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