Thursday, 19 April 2012

I'm Your Basic Average Girl, and I'm Here to Save the World

Being a lumberjack is apparently engrossing work. There's no other reason for me to have not written anything lately.

Canada Magical Moment of the week: It was a girl's birthday. Her name was actually Princess (I checked her ID). Princess and her friends were going around the world and getting photos with Cast Members to celebrate. Oh, did I mention they were sporting matching fun-fur mustaches? In at least both the UK and Canada, they picked Cast Members to pose with them for photos and gave them mustaches at the end. I was that Cast Member in Canada, and my friend Linzi from Scotland was that friend in the UK. Our manager took our photo with our matching mustaches. It was magical.

I switched my days off for another lumberjack who wanted multiple days off in a row, so this week my weekend was Wednesday and Thursday, so this is in fact my Sunday night. Wednesday I woke up earlier than usual (uuuuhh 9 am) to get to Hollywood Studios to ride Star Tours all day with my friend Jen, who I mentioned last time was celebrating her 50th ride this week. Jen, Lesley and I rode Start Tours all freaking day! That's 29 times in a day for me, 33 times for Lesley and 35 times for Jen (correct me if I'm wrong).

What Star Tours looks like during an ice cream break.
What Star Tours Cast Members look like when you ride the attraction all day. 
The only noticeable side effects from the same ride all day were real or imagined swaying upon sitting, and withdrawal from Star Tours Cast Members. I also walked by Jedi Training Academy that many times, and you all should already know how I feel about Jedi Training Academy...

Jen, Lesley, our new friend Jon, and I.
One of Jon's flights was brought to us by Wookie Cookies. 
Today I woke up early again (9) to go for breakfast with my friends Anastasia and Arden (I have an American friend now, Americans are cool). We went to Cracker Barrel (YEAH, not Steak 'n Shake) then to Epcot to complete Kim Possible's World Showcase Adventure before it's re-imagined as Agent P's World Showcase Adventure (KP was cancelled...).

Arden and I beginning our mission in Italy.
The World Showcase Adventure makes you walk a lot.
We managed to save Japan, Norway and Germany today (You're welcome!) and stayed undercover to boot. It made me realize how lame the Canadian Pavilion is compared to all the others. We may have delayed the mission slightly to meet a very special World Showcase friend...

Arden, Anastasia, Duffy the Disney Bear and I.
This time I got the "I Hugged Duffy the Disney Bear!" sticker I was owed from last time.

I should really expand on the characters I queue to meet...but look how cute Duffy is! Did you notice his face is shaped like Mickey's head?

Note: A family from Perth came by last week! Their kids were too young to have ever overlapped with my years at Stewart or PDCI, but still!

Thanks to: My friend Samantha for sending love in the mail, and Kim for feeding the addiction I'm trying to kick.

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  1. LOVE all the tripping you are doing...hug the bear for me...enjoy the Magic Life!! Love & hugs...ARO...aka "unknown", oh yes, working on CAA discounts to Potterland for the June re-union!