Saturday, 14 April 2012

No One's Gloomy or Complaining While the Flatware's Entertaining

Thursday, my Saturday, started poolside as lovely days often do. Yes, I was very sun-safe, thank you. 
In the afternoon Corin and I headed to Hollywood Studios for random fun. We almost walked into the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun Parade. Luckily, there are Cast Members who make sure you don't walk into parades. After checking the wait time for Toy Story Mania (70 minutes!), we accepted the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular as consolation. Then we walked by Jedi Training Academy, as I have never wanted to be younger than 12 more in my entire life (I wil befriend you, JTA Cast Members!), and straight to Muppet Vision 3D, which had a fantastic wait time of 5 minutes.

Remy in the Pixar Pals Parade
Dug and Russell
No Kevin, sadly.
Funny story. The Lotso topiary apparently smells of strawberries.
Also, little kids carrying Lotsos encourage Cast Members to smell them.
Then it was time for our Fast Passes to Star Tours (and walking by another round of JTA), and I nearly collided with a Storm Trooper. Okay, the re-imagined Star Tours is freaking amazing. I'll be doing that ride as often as possible for the duration of my program. I know a girl (Jen, who hosts games) who's done it some fifty times. I'm going to do that! We then were able to catch the last Studio Backlot Tour of the day, in which a few key things had changed since my visit in 2006 (the chicken coop for Hannah Montana: The Movie is there now!!!!). 

Aforementioned awesome chicken coop.
On our way to food at Rosie's All American Cafe (they most put something in the chicken fingers here), we caught Beauty and the Beast - Live On Stage. 
That evening, I experienced a marvelous thing called Fork & Screen for the first time with two fellow Canadians. It's a movie theatre in which order dinner and the food is brought to you while you watch the movie. There are little tables with lights to summon the servers and everything. Amazing. AMAZING. Oh, we saw Mirror Mirror. Also amazing. I was way overstimulated on Thursday. 

Corin and I at Hollywood Studios'  icon,
the Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey Ears

I committed my Friday to cleaning the kitchen. I don't know if you all know that I have an absentee roommate (ie I haven't met her yet). That's the awesome part. What's not awesome is that I felt compelled to clean out her cupboard, which was attracting Floridian wildlife. Not anymore! Go Canadian cleaning power! I went to the outlet malls close to the Commons later and someone had had the terrible idea of introducing some kind of Food and Wine Festival to an outdoor mall. NO! I just want to shop. No, I haven't grown more tolerant of large herds of people yet.

Today was another lovely day of magic-making, but in the evening swarms of fancily dressed teenagers starting coming past Canada, obviously headed to World Showplace. For Prom. PROM. Who gets to have their prom at Epcot? Uuuuhhhh jealous. 


Note: I might be addicted to Steak 'n Shake. Evidence:

Briana (from BC) and I at Steak 'n Shake.
Why you gotta be so wonderful, Steak 'n Shake?!
Thanks to: Fork & Screen for existing. Jen for introducing me to it. 


  1. the girls dancing in the parade behind Doug and Russel are dressed in a kind of Kevin-inspired colour palette. I appreciate the effort.

  2. Sign me up for the Fork and Screen!!
    Dave says you look (disgustingly) healthy and happy.

  3. Always interesting to read/see your blog!!! Will you see the entire Kingdom in 1 year???
    All quiet here...resting up by making cc cookies and gearing up for the coming week. Hope to see Ashley...if the cookie treats last for a few days! Keep happy...enjoy Steak'n Shake!!!! ARO