Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Plenty of Sunshine Heading my Way

Spring is in the air in Orlando! Spring and a whole bunch of bugs.

My Saturday started early by the pool (early means 10:00 now) with Amanda, a fellow Canadian, to safely work on our tans. About ten minutes in, we heard these really strange and loud bird calls and I couldn't figure out where the birds were. It turns out, housing has a recording of ducks playing every so often around the pool area so the ducks don't land in the water. Five minutes later:

On Easter Sunday I had traded for an opening shift (to be more accurate, someone else had traded for a closing shift), which means I started at 11. Anastasia (from Ottawa) and I had started off the day early with Easter breakfast at Steak & Shake. Yes, they have breakfast. Yes, it's amazing. Then we headed to work and were ridiculously early, so we wandered our way to Bambi's Butterfly House in the Future World section of Epcot. It's a big greenhouse full of flowers and butterflies, and was an extremely girly way to spend Easter morning.

In front on Bambi's butterfly house.
Two seconds later, there was a butterfly on that butterfly topiary. 
Bambi, Thumper and Flower in the Butterfly House.
No, I do not in fact know what's wrong with Thumper. 

Once we returned to be lumberjacks, all the Canadians received a message saying 'Opening meeting in France'. So I met the UKers, the other Canadians and the managers and coordinators behind the UK and we were all herded to France, which was still closed to the public, and we had to go onstage through the UK to get there. We were greeted with an Easter egg hunt in the gardens of France, in which all the merchandise Cast Members from Canada, the UK and France ran around France like idiots searching out plastic eggs. Horticulture was not amused. Once we headed back to Canada (I was stopped three separate times to answer questions...people, I am a lumberjack, I do not belong in France!), we were rewarded with yet another Cast Member Easter egg hunt! This time, it was pictures of Thumper emerging from an Easter egg hidden in various Cast accessible areas. When we found the eggs, we called a manager and were rewarded with more candy. Not to mention the individual bags of candy on our backstage bulletin board. And the huge basket in the back room. And the huge basket in the break trailer. Yeah.

I also found a real life bunny. Probably the Easter bunny.
Again, horticulture is not amused. 

Tonight is my first time working Extra Magic Hours. The parks either open early or close late for Disney Resort guests, and they can shop or ride or eat until midnight tonight. And I'll be there.


Note: Last night, I finally watched Brother Bear, which is supposed to be set in Canada. Can anyone tell me whether Homo sapiens and Wooly Mammoths existed at the same time?

Thanks to: Extra Magic Hours guests in advance for not wanting an engraved bracelet after 11:30 tonight. Mmmk?


  1. hi...just getting some help at the friendly Apple store and wanting to say hi...I really enjoy the blogs...so does Frank! Love & hugs!