Sunday, 22 April 2012

What I Love Most About Rivers is, You Can't Step in the Same River Twice

No new pictures since I helped save the world the other day! I'll work on it!

Look at that sky. Of course it rained for three days. 

So it's rained for the last few days here. I was down at the cart yesterday, and my rain gear was at the store (good place for it). Of course, it started to rain. Of course, it poured buckets. Of course, I could not close the cart fast enough. Of course, me and two other Canadians, not to mention two of our coordinators and one manager (also Canadian!), got absolutely positively soaked.

It's times like that when I remember this happened.
OMG What does Duffy do when it rains?
The three lumberjacks (me included) pretty much stood in the backroom of the store for the next ten minutes being sad, cold and wet (and eating chocolate brought in by a mystery donor), until our Canadian manager, Jamie, gave us a pep talk about working the Jungle Cruise at Animal Kingdom in the rain, then told us to put our best smiles on and go open the cart again. It had stopped raining in the ten minutes we had committed to being sad. I actually had to wear my lumberjack winter gear (it's a red plaid, polar fleece, double-breasted coat) to survive the evening on cart. That was also the evening of apparently most of Florida being very inappropriately intoxicated at Epcot. Really? You gotta drink at Epcot? (Interesting fact though, Magic Kingdom is a completely dry park). It's not even the International Food and Wine Festival yet. Who wants to teach me bouncing skills?

Random photo time: Lotso topiary actually smells like strawberries!

Also new this week: We got a new lumberjack! Another Lindsay! There's always another one. Also good news: I'm only third lowest in seniority now! Yay! Sadly I still can't have every Star Wars weekend off, but I don't think anyone actually does.

Sorry for the random post. It can't be breath-taking adventures in Canada everyday!


Note: Off Kilter, our band in Canada, will celebrate their fifteen-year anniversary at Epcot this July 1st. Huzzah!

Thanks to: Jamie for his rendition of Tangled's When Will My Life Begin. It'll never be the same again!

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  1. LOVE the bear hug!!! Predictions of a winter storm here...maybe a snowday tomorrow??? Florida does/did need rain...glad to know you can smile in the rain...sing too??? Really do enjoy your blog!!! Love & hugs, aro...aka..."unknown"