Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Bare Necessities of Life Will Come to You

The thing I woke up early on Friday for? A Magic Kingdom. Heck yes. Harmony Barbershop is mostly for little kids and baby's first haircut, but me and a full grown man were both getting adult haircuts. And I get a cast discount. So there.

Does your barbershop have its own quartet? No. Aww, sad for you. 
 Friday night, I went Downtown Disney for dinner at House of Blues with Rhys, Lesley and Laura and, only because Magic Kingdom was closing early for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, we went to Hollywood Studios for the remainder of the evening. Due to the lucky coincidence of Lesley and I not riding Tower of Terror and it being a work day of a favourite Cast Member of ours, Lesley and I were miraculously able to ride Rock'n Roller Coaster five times in half an hour. If you've ever done the ride, you know there's a heck of a queue and a fairly lengthy pre-show. Two words (well, one word and one acronym) - VIP entrance.
Five times! Half an hour! Mathematical (impossibility)!
 On Saturday, I had another full day of training with Anastasia, a fellow trainer and our trainees, Daniel and Veronique. Eight and a half hours of us talking, them nodding and having absolutely no questions, plus an evening of "Hey guys, go hold this flag on the promenade and wave!" (The Lindsey Keeler method of crowd interaction) equalled a very successful first closing shift for the trainees and the first closing shift in awhile for me. I miss sleeping in. On Sunday, we had half a day with the trainees before they did their assessments (like I did back in March), had their leader engagements and were back onstage as full-fledged cast members.  Fantastic work, kids, I'm so freaking proud!

Over my weekend, I had dinner with lovely Canadian Cast members at the honourary Australian pavilion (ha ha Outback), including former CM Kyra who left the day we were both receiving quarterly awards. Good times, ladies. On Friday, Lesley and I donned our matching Art of Animation tees and had an adventure day at Universal. It was supposed to have been Lesley's last Universal day (cuz everyone leaves me eventually), but too much got rained out for it to have been the last, plus they don't sell that unicorn from Despicable Me at Islands of Adventure, so we have to go back. We took all the tourist-y pictures.
Don't worry E.T., we'll help you get back home!
Universal's Streets of America/Halloween Horror Nights

No cliff-hanger today. Let's all root for me to get healthier, though, please.


Note: This Friday marks the beginning of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, in which world showcase expands to host 27 countries' worth of food and drink. There's going to be lots of well-marinated guests over October.

Thanks to: Emily, UK Merchie, who brought me cookies today to combat my cold. It's helping!

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  1. Five times? That's amazing! I hope you feel better! Cookies make everything better. :)