Sunday, 30 September 2012

Boys and Girls of Every Age, Wouldn't You Like to See Something Strange?

Who's ready for more mildly entertaining lumberjack adventures?
This Friday was supposed to be my Saturday, but I volunteered (to get paid) to work a shift "super greeting" (here at Disney, we don't just greet)/ merchantaining at Mouse Gear, the biggest in-park merchandise location in Disney World, which conveniently is located in Epcot. That morning marked the release of some of the limited edition Epcot 30th anniversary merchandise, including special Duffy plush, pins, shot glasses/toothpick holders, iPhone cases (only 300 of each style), lanyards and so many tees. Mouse Gear had representatives from Italy, Canada, the American Adventure, Germany, Norway and the African Outpost on hand to wrangle guests into the appropriate queues and entertain them with Epcot trivia during the wait. I learned people are crazy about limited edition merchandise. And Epcot. Who knew? I also learned how to navigate the tunnels under Mouse Gear, at least slightly so I didn't get lost.
Jenna and I super greeting like bosses with new friends from Germany and Mouse Gear.
That's a (crazy) Guest's pin-trading Duffy bear.
Saturday was another day of voluntary overtime, as I worked a whopping (for merch) 11 hours. The park is open until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays during Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, although the booths shut at their normal time. We just get an hour extra to sell Glow products and tell people that IllumiNations doesn't start until 10. The opening weekend of Food & Wine also coincided with a really gross late summer heat which has reminded me of I don't want to be here during the summer anymore.
Tonight I got an ER from my shift to hit Downtown Disney with long lost awesome girl Megan. It's Frankenweenie weekend DT Disney, meaning in addition to 3D showings of Alice in Wonderland and Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack and Sally were on hand to meet and greet guests...if you chose to wait in the enormous and ridiculous line. It's the first time the pair has even been at Disney World.
Megan and I at the Holland Pet Cemetary photo spot DT Disney.
We chose not to wait, but instead enjoyed the last day of the 50% discount at Bongo's Cuban Cafe (owned by Gloria Estefan, y'all) and went to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. There's a very real chance it became a sing-along. At least to me. I'm not sorry, Megan.


Note: This is how I've been spending most of my free time lately. I'm still getting over a cold or whatever, so I hang with the plush collection watching Doctor Who a lot more than I care to admit.
We're all riveted by the eleventh Doctor.

Thanks to: Angela, Randy, Sam, Isabelle and my mom for the mail this week. Thank you all so much!

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  1. I sang along sometimes too. As did Dave. It was perfect harmonization in stereo sound haha!