Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Voice Keeps Saying, This is Where I'm Meant to Be

Did you know that, when I go too long without blogging, I have to check facebook, my journal, my photos and the calendar to piece together what's gone down over the last week? It's a darn good thing I'm keeping track, cuz even if all seven of you stop reading, I'll apparently be in desperate need of this documentation when I'm back in Canada.
The highlight of my weekend was my reunion with Lesley Rebry at Olive Garden. We consumed too much bread, boxed up our entire meals, then judged the non-Le Cellier timing of our server. I was also reminded that our favourite CP at Star Tours was probably leaving soon, so we should probably go to Hollywood Studios to see him again. Ummmmm, no. Already gone. Epic Lindsey and Lesley sad faces. Darn you, terribly temporary Disney programs! Luckily, Great Movie Ride had a short wait, and that always cheers us up. As did Rhys' newly implemented Sunday-movie-and-pj-time. Who's seen Fantasia lately? This girl!
Lesley wandering around 50s Prime Time Cafe while I got a consolation milkshake.
On Wednesday, Epcot followed Hollywood Studios and experienced a tragic mass exodus of CPs, meaning pretty much all cast members younger than 23 who aren't cultural representatives just up and left/ went back to real life like grown-ups. The magical moment of the day was when Ben, one of my fave custodial CPs, read "Making the Moose Out of Life", a book sold in the pavilion with a matching plush moose, out loud onstage. I'd say it was for the guests, but there were none around. Still magical! It was also my first closing shift in months, so there was a lot wrong about that day.
Thursday was merchie bonding time with Bailey, Anastasia, Sam and I. Cracker Barrel, the American standard, for breakfast (Sam was overwhelmed, she'd never been before), followed by general laziness poolside at the Caribbean Beach Resort. It's ridiculously hot here, but to out in in context/ make you all hate me a little more, it was literally too hot to get out and dry off. Stay in the pool. Always in the pool. Also, there was a waterslide.
We're Canadian! We can't handle these portion sizes!
Oh wait, yes we can. 
Friday was one last Universal Studios trip with Lesley and Bryce. Lesley and I can go again, but Bryce has to be a grown-up and go back to school, so he's leaving us. BOO. On the plus side, name-dropping still worked to get us on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, I was convinced to go back on Rip Ride Rockit (in the rain, even), we saw a magic show representing the epitome of merchantainment and had this awesome picture taken:
Admit it: if it weren't for the child photobomber, this would
be the best group shot ever. 
During morning meeting of my Monday/ actually Saturday, I was pretty stunned to be presented a Magical Merchant Quarterly Award. That's a pretty solid way to start out the week. I'm not really sure what it entails, but I do get to go a reception Friday morning. I'm going to wear a dress and hope that there's cake.
Pretty sure I was born to do this job. 


Note: You know what's not safe in the rain? The roof of the Contemporary. That's all.

Thanks to: Rhys, who listens to me whine (wine?) and Ashley, for calling me the Michael Phelps of Disney awards. That made my day.

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