Monday, 20 August 2012

Like a Bolt Out of the Blue, Fate Steps in and Sees You Through

I was mislead about Floridian summers. I was under the impression that August is on the homestretch to Fall. Nope. It's still quite hot, and culottes still contain quite a bit of fabric.
My weekend this week was slightly different days, which means for once I got a whole day of bonding with the charming Rodi! We went to Target and got things we didn't necessarily need, we tanned by the pool at the Commons, and she helped me dye my hair back to a uniform, non-Florida-sun-bleached-out colour. It's called Cocoa Bean, and Rodi did a fabulous job. Thursday was a very adventurous day out for Sam, Bailey and I, starting with another huge American breakfast at Perkins and becoming an enormous retail adventure. We managed to do varying amounts of damage around various stores at the West End Loop, including but not limited to Kohl's, Bath & Body Works, Ulta and Menchie's, where you pay by weight for your frozen yogurt and toppings.

Total daily caloric intake in an innocent-looking cup: Achieved. 

Bailey and Sam lost in a sea of suitcase choices.
Friday morning was Epcot's Quarterly Awards reception, an adorable and efficient little gathering in the Norway loft (above Maelstrom, I think), in which the other most magical cast members of the quarter and I were presented with our awards and sufficient photo opportunities with Erin Youngs, VP of Epcot, Beverley Martin, GM Merchandise of Epcot and my manager, Tom. There's a group shot out there somewhere. The cake was fantastic, and it turns out that being magical is worth movie tickets! Woo material rewards!
Beverley Martin and I in the Norway loft.
She gets to wear a dress everyday. Me, not so much.
Saturday after work, I put on a lovely new dress and a tiara and headed to the Magic Kingdom with Rhys, who was also dressed appropriately. We had a magical princess evening, complete with a viewing of Wishes from halfway down Main Street, a carousel ride, a hidden Mickey in Rhys' flatbread pizza, and glitter. So much glitter. Michael from Castle Couture, there's a Great Service Fanatic Card heading your way. I'm still washing glitter out of my hair, and I'm quite alright with it.
Me,  glitter-gifter Michael and princess Rhys at Castle Couture.
I think we're all equally thrilled to be here.
Tonight, I had a lovely dinner at Carrabbas, close to housing, with the lovely Linzi Farries. We have an exclusive club now for people with the same name as us, born in the same month of the same year. We're twins and special like that.
Scottish-Canadian twinsies (Linzi and Lindsey).


Note: The 30th anniversary of Epcot is approaching in October, but the 30-day countdown begins at the end of the month. I saw a picture from the 1986-1987 cultural representative class...the Canadian costumes are exactly the same.

Thanks to: Dave and Adam, two leadership cast members who will be leaving World Showcase West way too shortly for roles in Storybook Circus and New Fantasyland, respectively. I'll miss you tons, gentlemen.

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