Friday, 3 August 2012

Opportunity Knocks Once, Let's Reach Out and Grab it

Happy August! My five-month anniversary with Disney is coming up in a few days. The time has gone by scarily fast.
On Monday before Games, Megan and I went to Walmart to fulfill my random VoluntEar duties for my pavilion. The entire property has been raising money to purchase school supplies for children, and World Showcase West merchandise just barely managed to pull everything together in time to actually contribute. Luckily, everything in America is ridiculously cheap, and on sale due to students returning to school as early as Monday, so we were able to pull together a massively huge Walmart bag full of (heavy) school supplies. That makes us good people for the week, I think. 
On Tuesday, Megan and I, in our week of apparent bonding, went to Magic Kingdom for just enough time to get flatbread pizza, ride Pirates several times, ride the Magic Carpets of Aladdin for the first time (the line was short so we did it twice), get dessert and watch Wishes from what is no longer my favourite viewing spot (we got covered in fireworks ash, really unpleasant). In an attempt to avoid the Main Street Electrical Parade route and get to Liberty Square, we got hopelessly turned around and just ended up in Adventureland...fifteen minutes after attempting to leave it. It was a sign, telling us to ride Pirates a few more times. 
On the plus side, our "detour" led us to Tiana and Naveen!
He crushed a cockroach for her. It was romantic. 
On Wednesday, fellow Canadians Amanda, Briana, Sam and I attended the extremely fancy-sounding Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom. I had to book it a few weeks ahead of time, back when August felt like a long time away. Basically, up to fifty people are given access to all-you-can-eat-and-then-some desserts and drinks on a balcony in Tomorrowland with a beautiful view of Cinderella Castle (and of course, Wishes). The desserts are tiny but deceptively rich, so trying one of each resulted in a lot of pain. Buffet dining and I really need to take a break, but the evening was magical.
Not all for me, I swear. Well, everything in front of the cup is. 
I'm smiling, but my pancreas is not.
Yesterday I spent some quality time with the love of my life (me, duh) at my favourite American destination, Target. In the evening, a good number of the Cast Members from World Showcase West merch got together at (wait for it) McDonalds to bid adieu to our professional intern, Cecilia, who's program ended yesterday. I got home surprisingly late, considering all my company was working the next day...suckers. 
A very small selection of the incredibly attractive WSW merch cast.


Note: It's come to my attention I owe an epic shoutout to Angela, one of my BFFs on the planet, for being an adult and getting married almost two weeks ago. HOLLA! You owe me pictures of your matching bride and groom Mickey ears. 

Thanks to: Cecilia, for being a magical leader and for my newest random pin:

Now here's an interaction I don't remember at all.
Nor should I, it's from June.

As well as everyone who helped reestablish my contact list from the great blackberry reset of last weekend. 

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