Friday, 18 May 2012

Look at This Trove, Treasures Untold

Update: I may have mentioned very briefly that I won an award at work not too long ago. May I present proof:

Heck yes, Merchandise Canada.
I've had a very successful weekend by my magical standards.

Thursday I woke up early (...okay it was 0900) to go to the Florida DMV somewhat nearby to finally get my Florida driver's license. As per expectations, the line was enormous, even with an appointment, but the bottom line is I'm now a licensed Florida driver and I can legally park at my house now (I have a parking decal that says 'The Commons' and everything).
That being done, I picked up Jen and we headed to Property Control and Cast Connection, as I hadn't been in awhile and might be assembling magical care packages to send to Canada...and I like to shop. Whatever. We got hungry after all that saving and went to Magic Kingdom for lunch (how decadent), as well as random wanderings and a few attractions, as well as purchasing things to contribute to said care packages.
Ooh, but while we were in Frontierland (home of Country Bear Jamboree and Splash Mountain...aka Canada..seriously, they sell the same merchandise as us), all of a sudden loud music started to play and random cast members appearing from nowhere started a random Frontierland flashmob! To make matters worse (or better), there was a seriously attractive cowboy selling hats near us when this whole thing started, so I turned and asked if he was expected to join in. He looked at me like I was crazy and said no. Five minutes later, oh yeah, he's dancing too. Lying cowboy Cast Member!

Frontierland Flashmob
The lying cowboy is to the left of the bear. 
I woke up really early again today to attend the first day of Star Wars Weekends (every Friday, Saturday and Sunday now through June 10) with fellow lumberjack Bailey. It was packed, as it should be. So many Star Wars t-shirts, and soooo many Leia bun hairdos (mine included). We got Fast Passes to Toy Story Mania, as per usual, then rode Star Tours twice (yeah, I was the rebel spy), then got our picture taken with Minnie Leia. We watched the Star Wars Celebrity Motorcade and rode Toy Story Mania, then got out of there to go to Walmart. I'll likely be there at least every Friday from now until the 10th to get more nerdy things accomplished (picture with Chewbacca, anyone?).

Minnie and I matched. Obviously. 
Storm Troopers were on guard to weed
out the Jedi trying to enter the park. 

I shall return for you shortly, Star Wars Weekends. I will shop at Darth's Mall.


Note: My roommate was here and I missed her again! She left a note saying "Thanks for taking in my mail, have a nice summer"...

Thanks to: Jen for the authentic Nanaimo bars, Mary for the proof that there are real totem poles in Canada.


  1. I wrote you a letter like... over a month ago, and just yesterday was able to get stamps for mailing to the US. It's coming!!

  2. Ruby is very proud of your Top Dog award!!