Friday, 25 May 2012

The Most Magical Place on Earth is Here

As I write, I'm wearing my Leia buns and my R2D2 Mickey Ears (with 3D buttons). If that's not dedication, I don't know what is.

Highlights of my week include the Art of Animation Resort's Open Mouse, and more Star Wars Weekends (Star Wars Weekends, Episode 2).
On Monday, WDWs newest resort, Art of Animation, hosted an Open Mouse (like open house, get it?) for Cast Members. I went with Lesley and Lindsay, more Canadians. Art of Animation is a value resort next to Pop Century, and features family suites that'll sleep two adults and four kids. Everything freaking turns into a bed! It's magical, as per usual.

The hidden autograph in the lobby of Art of Animation.
It's John Lasseter's. 
Two of the four units were open for viewing. Finding Nemo and Cars rooms were viewable, but Little Mermaid and Lion King were still under construction. The resort is so full of magic and standard Disney detail, it was unbelievable! Lindsay, Lesley and I, being the only ones in attendance not in business attire, let everyone at the resort know how excited we were to be there by spontaneously bursting into song, testing every single bed and playing on the playgrounds (first Disney resort with playgrounds, holla).

Finding Nemo playground
I tested it. The slides are for guppies.

Lesley, Lindsay and I are car models, apparently.
On Tuesday, I met a bunch of Canadians after work at Magic Kingdom. I arrived in the middle of the Electrical Parade, which I have yet to see in its entirety, meaning I took the really long way around Cinderella Castle to meet them at Splash Mountain. Two of the group are leaving by the end of the month, as all good programs must come to an end, so it was their last viewing of Wishes, Magic Kingdom's fireworks. We took the ferry (my first time!) back to the Ticket and Transportation Center to top off the night.  Thursday I brought my former trainer, Katie, to the wonderful world of Property Control for her first and last time. She's also leaving at the end of the month. Sad face :(

Tonight I fought mad traffic on the bus to meet up with yet a different set of Canadians (Megan, Arin, Maggie and Chelsea) for more fun at the second weekend of Star Wars Weekends. I arrived on time to stake out a viewing area for the Hyperspace Hoopla, a massive epic dance-off between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys of the Star Wars universe. It was without a doubt the best thing I've seen since I've been here. It might be the best thing I've seen ever.

All the words you'd never thought you'd see together. 
Go Good Guys!
Get over Amidala and Leia being the same age. I did. 
You haven't lived until you've seen Boba Fett show you his moves like Jagger. Mostly everyone took off after that, but Chelsea stuck around for a spirited wander through Darth's Maul (a merch tent for SWW) and my first time of Fantasmic, the epic water/lights/fireworks/character show that caps off every night of Hollywood Studios.
I am off for more SWW tomorrow morning before work. A friend of mine, not Han Solo, is going to be frozen in Carbonite. Don't panic.

TTFN & May the Force be with you,

Note: How much fun are culottes in 35 degree heat? Stay tuned.

Thanks to: Chelsea for not judging my behaviour in Darth's Maul.

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