Sunday, 13 May 2012

A New Fantastic Point of View

No more slacking, few blog followers, I swear!

Since Monday, I have proved my reign as Taboo champion at games, gotten soaked and cursed the location of my rain gear at work, welcomed a new lumberjack and managed to destroy another guest/friend via park visiting.

Thursday my friend Cindy was here on a mission to experience Epcot with a professional (that would be me). Little did she know I really only know my way around Canada, and even then, only in theory (yes, I can explain how to get to Kidcot. I've been there once). We were able to do a lot of the Future World attractions I hadn't gotten a chance to do yet, like Living with the Land (a boat tour), Captain Eo (Michael Jackson circa 1986), Journey Into Imagination (featuring Eric Idle and Figment) as well as the Gran Fiesta Boat Tour in Mexico.

We also found Nemo in the Seas.
Those seagulls do the hilarious Mine Mine Mine thing periodically.
I also finally got on Soarin', which is probably Epcot's biggest attraction now that Test Track is down. It's amazing. Get a Fast Pass. On our way to the ferry to Hollywood Studios (Cindy wanted to do Star Tours, who can blame her?), our timing perfectly coincided with a Twinings Tea Tour, lead by Sarah of the UK pavilion through the tea garden, in which cup-shaped flower pots are labelled with tea bags and are growing the plants corresponding to the teas. Here until the end of Flower & Garden.

I'm ridiculously excited for the Tea Tour.
Sarah not so much.
I'm really into building my own droids.
This was not here the last 32 times I was on Star Tours.
With the constantly incoming lumberjack population, my shifts are changing from being dead last to leave to second to last to leave. Eventually I'll get to leave dring Illuminations, which means an easy walk out of the park for me. It's easy to dodge people when they're standing still to watch fireworks. I even worked an afternoon shift this week. I want to say it was a good thing, starting at noon, but I got completely soaked by spontaneous rain at one in the afternoon, to the extent that I had to return to Costuming for a change of clothes (which looked exactly like the last set...).


Note: Incoming lumberjacks mean outgoing lumberjacks. I think four will be leaving June 1st (sad face).

Thanks to: Angela for the extremely appropriate and unexpected May the 4th gift and Cindy for her awesome care package!

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  1. Oooh...a tea tour! I'm assuming they had delicous Earl Grey?