Saturday, 23 February 2013

What is it Like, Out There Where They Glow?

It's crunch time as I near the end of my year-long dream job, but I'm trying not to focus on the end quite yet.
When we last left off, I was off to the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at the Polynesian resort with Sam, Chelsea, Jackie and Ashley. It did not get rained out (Huzzah!), we did see a couple get engaged (Awwwww!) and the food/whatever drink was in Sam's hollowed out coconut was so good (Mmmmmmm).
The Spirit of Aloha dinner show aka romantic Valentine's plans.
\The next day, I picked up Robyn (with whom I interviewed way back in the day), Zach and Courtney for a fun-filled park day. We started at Hollywood Studios, taking drawing classes, riding the Studio Backlot Tour and Toy Story Mania, getting pictures with inanimate characters (Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater) and generally fighting off hoards of Presidents' Day Weekend park-goers, as well as the standard crowds. After exhausting all options at Hollywood Studios, we spent the evening at Magic Kingdom celebrating True Love Week as part of Limited Time Magic. We had our picture taken with Cinderella's coach and saw Bert and Mary Poppins ride the carousel together. 
I find it hilarious that Magic Kingdom labels True Love as Limited Time Magic, don't you?
The only characters on property not requiring bathrooms breaks.
Saturday, I packed up the car with Rhys, Aimee and Courtney, as well as all their stuff, and we went to Port Orleans Riverside for a magical princess birthday weekend for the lovely Rhys. We stayed in one of Princess Tiana's Royal Guest suites, featuring gifts from all the Disney princesses - magic lamps as faucets, a magic mirror portrait and fireworks in the headboards. We headed to Raglan Road Downtown Disney dinner and drinks with Rhys' nearest and dearest. Getting up late to a rather cold day on Sunday, we bundled up and went to Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Downtown Disney in lieu of facing epic crowds. We attended Magic Kingdom's extra magic hours in our winter finest (ie many many layers), playing until we couldn't play anymore.
Aimee, Rhys and I hanging in our new castle, Port Orleans. 
Pascal is cleaning the frying pan in our border!
Disney details for the win!
I was back to work for a couple days, in which I made magic like no other, and in return, had magic happen to me. I gave a six-year-old a magical, special Tinkerbell pin a few months ago, having been given it for the express purpose of making magic with guests. The girl and her family came in again, remembered me, and told me how special the pin was. On their way out, the girl said to me, "Thank you again for the pin, Lindsey, I'll keep it forever!" and I nearly died of trying not to cry. See guys, I make magic at work as often as I experience it in the parks.
I worked two days and was back to another few days off (let's all thanks seniority and vacation bids for that), in which Zach and I epically battled many a Disney villain, saving Magic Kingdom from imminent doom and destruction, aka played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, an interactive way to explore Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Frontierland for the nerdy at heart. We did this all day long, so yeah it was tonnes of fun. We also did some rides, like Haunted Mansion, Journey of the Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and, for my first time ever, the illustrious Hall of Presidents. You have to do it, at least once, it'll blow your mind.
(One of these days, I'll get sick of this, but until then:)
It's called A Salute to All Nations, but Mostly America. 
Yesterday, Sam and I checked into Coronado Springs, the host resort for the Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  I bravely fought herds of runners to get my registration package and free t-shirt, not bothering to actually check out any Fit for a Princess Expo booths. So many female runners, I wanted to die. We woke up well before the sun this morning to get into our best princess running (ha!) attire, have breakfast, and board a bus to Epcot to get corralled in for the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Royal Family 5K, in which we mostly walked but most definitely ran for show whenever necessary. It was back to being really hot and humid. After a successful conquer of said 5K, we went back to Coronado Springs, donned our matching shirts and medals (uhhhh medallions) to actually check out the expo, where we still had to bravely fight crowds of lady runner for what is probably the cutest Disney-themed running attire on the planet. We'll see if I actually continue with my good intentions of walking/running.
Running with a sock bun is a hell of an accomplishment.
Well, there goes another excuse to procrastinate from packing.

Note: This is the fifth year of Disney's Princess Half-Marathon Weekend. If you've participated in all five, you're a "Perfect Princess".
Thanks to: My new friend Mark at the Disney Institute, for the very special and unofficial pin I got this week.

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