Thursday, 14 February 2013

For the Time of your Life, You're Going to Find Yourself Here

Between work, the sudden inability to acquire an ER, and the last few days of the Family Holiday Celebration discount, it's been busier than usual here in the world of magic.
The 13th (ie yesterday) was the very last chance to use the Cast Member Family Holiday Celebration discount on merchandise throughout Disney World, ie instead of the usual 20% off, we were granted 40% starting at the end of October. As such, on Sunday I scoped out Magic Kingdom for any "tangible memories" I thought I might require back in Canada, taking breaks to ride, of course, the Jungle Cruise and I took in Wishes from the People Mover. On Monday I did the same at Hollywood Studios, but opted not to take any of my new things onto Rock'n Roller Coaster, less they end up on the floor of the show building. I did run into my former monorail pilot friend, Cam though, and let's just say that I don't have to wait in line if I decide to go back this week. Thanks bro, you're magical.
The nest morning I woke up early to do the same at Epcot, being a closer that evening. To my delight, the Odyssey (ie the cast cafeteria) had a pancake special for Pancake Tuesday, so my day started out with a delightful second (cheap) breakfast. I did a full lap of World Showcase (that's 1.2 miles, if you've forgotten) before getting my lumberjack on for the rest of the day.
See all those cheap pancakes? That's why i did a lap of World Showcase pre-work. 
 That night, I went to Downtown Disney with some of the lovely folks from the attraction, plus a fellow merchie, for probably the most intellectually stimulating thing I've done all year, the movie Side Effects. It made my brain hurt.
Yesterday, I returned to Downtown Disney with Rhys following my shift, making final rounds of Once Upon a Toy and World of Disney. There was an appalling amount of Cast Members in full costumes, no nametags, shopping. This is s huge no-no, by the way. I shake my fist at you, slacker CMs.
Very early this morning, Jodey and I clad ourselves in pink and went over to Magic Kingdom, where True Love Week in being celebrated. We met Snow White and her prince, then checked in for the main event of the day - the Keys to the Kingdom, a 5-hour onstage and backstage tour tour of Magic Kingdom (including lunch). Clad like guests with our Keys to the Kingdom nametags and earpieces (like during Traditions), we followed our Guest Relations tour guide, wearing the most adorable equestrian-themed costume, all around Main Street USA, Adventureland, backstage Frontierland, to lunch at Columbia Harbour House through the Haunted Mansion and into the (apparently) much talked-about Utilidoors (ie tunnels).
Want to feel poorly dressed? Keys to the Kingdom tour. 
Much to my delight, our group also got a private tour of my very favourite attraction, Jungle Cruise, featuring a lot of history and secret backstage information I nearly passed out from learning. Here's my favourite fact of the day: Although the roof of the Enchanted Tiki Room appears to be constructed of straw, it's actually very low maintenance recycled aluminum...and that sucker's a lightning rod. Whoa!
We got to watch the Trolley Parade as part of the tour. YAY!
Tonight, I am off to what hopefully won't be a a rain-soaked dinner show, the Spirit of Aloha, at the Polynesian Resort.


Note: Alright, my second favourite fact of the day - they dye the water in Jungle Cruise so as not to reveal the actual depth of the river. Schweitzer Falls stirs up the dye.

Thanks to: My magical Scottish twin Linzi, who's program ended last week and is off for a North American tour before heading home. You're magical!
Same year, same month, same name, we're twins. 


  1. If the utilidoor is the tunnel at Haunted Mansion, I've been there. They had to take me out of it when I had a panic attack at age 8.

    1. The utilidoors run under Magic Kingdom, so what you were in was likely an escape tunnel for panicky 8-year-olds. I hope you've overcome your fear of Mansion, though.