Sunday, 11 November 2012

Think of the Happiest Things, It's the Same as Having Wings

In the wake of last week's elections, coincidentally the election to which I have paid the most attention in...ever, we had a lot of requests from sad Republicans to relocate to Canada. Sorry kids, I don't think you'll be too happy up North, either!

Last week was Trainer Appreciation Week at least at Epcot, which, like anything else here, is done in no small manner. Wednesday morning, before I had even managed to clock in, yours truly walked away with free popcorn, drinks, rice krispy treats and a free Disney World Training lunch bag (for my big kid job, whenever that happens again). Better yet, the core trainers (trainers who train in all areas, not just one country or another) responsible for running the event took turns taunting us area trainers while they sat under a thing called a Pitch Burst, which was kind of like a dunk tank except with the danger of falling water balloons. My aim was quite poor, but there were already quite a few soaking yet (and rather cold) trainers by the time I arrived. Thanks for the free stuff, and you're quite welcome for training the newbs!

I appreciate free stuff...oh and teaching, that's cool too. 
That evening, the still newly crowned server Rhys and I went to the Mall at Millenia to bask in the glow of upscale Christmas decorations and the glory of the Cheesecake Factory.
My weekend, Thursday and Friday still, began rather unproductively with an epic sleep-in til noon, followed by more delicious carb-heavy food with Rhys, and a few errands at downtown Disney (Guess who has a serious problem with her plush collection?) and some groceries. The next day, Rhys and I had at least our third Princess Day at Magic Kingdom (the last being in August), this time in full Fall gear. We met Tiana and Naveen, jumped on both Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion twice, grabbed FastPasses for Peter Pan's Flight and were able to sneak back into New Fantasyland for a quick trip under the sea and a LeFou's Brew. We had a lovely, belated birthday dinner at The Wave (located in Disney's Contemporary Resort) and had a charming former Le Cellier server bring us fantastic American (Florida local, even) treats.
Princess Day: November Edition 
Under the Sea, open to the general public.
The general public will destroy things.
Today was a day of training to make me earn my rice krispy treat from the week before. You may recall I had an extensive few days of trainer training, including following a trainer around for the day. I've now come full circle in the training circle of life and was shadowed all day long by Zach, our newest Canadian merchandise trainer. I'm pretty sure all I taught was how to look like you're teaching safety, courtesy, show and efficiency when actually doing very Mexico. Meh.

I'm a Guest! Nope, wait, I'm just on lunch. 


Note: It's now Christmas all around Disney World! Wreaths and garlands are all over Magic Kingdom, and the Canada Pavilion, and we have an epic tree at the entrance to World Showcase! You can tell by my liberal use of exclamation points that I'm rather pleased.

One of many many wreaths Christmas-ing up the Magic Kingdom

Thanks to: Former CRP Dana, who supplied us with poppies for today, and our manager Tom, for pretending he didn't see them.


  1. I'm going to be in Canadian Merch June 4 2013 - May 20 2014!

  2. Congratulations, Julie! I will have been gone for two months already :S