Sunday, 18 November 2012

I've Got Everything that I Need Right in Front of Me

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! It's like the Americans have forgotten about their own Thanksgiving. It happens.
Tuesday night, Rhys and I went to Walmart and loaded up on Christmas-y things for the "all holidays" tree she inherited from the former tenant of her apartment. We decorated the tree while drinking tea and listening to Christmas music, and followed it up with some Claymation Christmas clips, courtesy of YouTube, not my DVD. So much Christmas!
The next day in little Canada, the much-detested Canada promenade music was gone, to be replaced by a loop of charming Christmas songs, most of which were sung by Lindsay and I outside at the cart, and not necessarily for guests. The store also got a lot more Christmas decor, in addition to our already-assembled garlands of antlers, snowshoes and moose. There's also a spot outside between the cart and Off Kilter's stage where guests can eventually meet Santa. I saw it for the first time today and nearly died. So yeah, Santa visits the pavilion. It's so festive!
New decor in Canada! Even our plaid looks Christmas-y!
On my Saturday (real life Thursday), Briana, Amanda, Sam and I headed to Downtown Disney's AMC  Theater to meet fellow Canadians (and a row full of UK) for a highly anticipated Twilight movie marathon. We all got matching posters and lanyards (displaying the film schedule) in addition to Twilight trivia and never-before-seen interviews between the five films. There wasn't a single pair of real pants to be found, what with the first film starting at 11:30 am and the final film at 10:00pm. Yet another once in a lifetime opportunity, and not a single spec of Disney to be found!
Bright-eyes and in sweatpants at 11am.
True Twi-hards, up in here.
My Sunday, everyone else's Friday, was spent with Lindsay again as we completed "errands" around Property Control and the outlet mall across the street, then to Hollywood Studios to meet Rhys. We took in the night's only showing of Fantasmic (sidebar: with it getting so dark so early, what once started at like 9 now starts at 6:30), as well as a good deal of time twirling beneath the five million lights constituting the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. We were able to catch three sequences of dancing lights, all to the tune of the Trans-siberan Orchestra, as well as a ton of pictures and glimpses of new Hidden Mickeys, before boarding a flight on Star Tours and heading to Perkins (not a Disney thing) for pie.
The magic that is the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights
It's been a very magical week, kids.


Note: My blood's become quite thin with all the disgusting summer weather. If it drops belong 18 degrees, I'm frozen and in mittens.

Thanks to: Ali, one of the loveliest Canadian servers, who will be leaving us very shortly. See you in Ontario!

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