Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's My Favourite Part Because...You'll See.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...I think Disney is losing money on my park attendance during Star Wars Weekends.

Friday I headed off to yet another round of Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios. It was actually my last chance to see the Hyperspace Hoopla once more time. Chelsea and I went around 1pm in the pouring rain, meeting a lot of opposing park traffic but not meeting any rain-soaked Stormtroopers. We immediately headed for Darth's Mall, as a roof was the only desirable quality in a location (the roof was leaking a bit, but it is a tent after all). We were joined by Heather and were in the tent for a good 2.5 hours, meeting characters (Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker) as well as one of the celebrity hosts for Star Wars Weekends, Ashley Eckstein. Ashley is a voice actor on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has her own line of Star Wars-themed clothing for girls (Her Universe), which was on sale in the tent. She's also ridiculously pretty and nice (I HATE HER...kidding, not at all). I had her sign my shirt and she's now considering stopping by the Canada Pavilion.
She designed the shirt I'm wearing.
Thanks for your contributions to nerd girl world!
The rain eventually eased up a bit and we headed over to the Beauty and the Beast Stage show, which is very close, and then lunch at Backlot Express, behind the Indiana Jones Stunt show. We were en route to Star Tours when Heather and Chelsea got intercepted by a Chewbacca meet and greet (not me, Chewy and I have had sufficient time together). I was in Tatooine Traders, waiting for Jen to join us and chatting with a former World Showcase West merchandise manager, when the Mos Eisley Cantina band appeared from backstage, blew kisses at me while I stood there like an idiot, and went to ride Star Tours.

Jen and I were reunited with her fave Star Tours Cast Member.
You may remember him from this post
Oh yeah, welcome to Star Wars Weekends. Seeing as how I'm just made of park time, the four of us decided to stake out prime spots for the Hyperspace Hoopla, which starts at 8:00, at 5:30. Worth it, we got the last front row spots, which we defended like no one's business through a Padawan Mind Challenge show. My camera of course died five minutes into the Hoopla, but I still think it's the singular best stage show to hit the Walt Disney World Resort. Ever. EVER.

Chewy's sexy and he knows it. 

Stormtroopers march and dance in unison. They've got talent. 

Boba Fett has the moves like Jagger. 
We had time for a round on Rock'n Roller Coaster and Star Tours before my second show of Fantasmic, another reminder of how freakin' magical everything around here is. Good times. 


Note: With the recent mass exodus of Canadian cast, I'm just psyched beyond imagination to see Ashley and Mary. Especially if they found me a K-9 plush?

Thanks to: Jamie, for being the best damn Canadian manager to ever leave us for the Disney Cruise line. You'll eventually read this.

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