Monday, 7 January 2013

Once You Find Your Centre, You Are Sure to Win

The new year has begun and the official countdown to the end of my program is on. I've been saying it wasn't a reality I had to face until the new year. And here we are.
My first days off in the new year were spent in true Disney fashion - at the parks, having a magical time. Thursday, I got up early (for us) to meet Aimee and Rhys for a trip to Hollywood Studios. After a few stops and lengthy cab ride involving servers from the UK pavilion, we arrived to an unexpectedly large crowd. Fast Passes for Toy Story Mania were long gone, and the waits for Rock'n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror were in the triple digits, so we decided to just wander and do what we could do.
No lines for Studio Backlot Tour,
probably due to Rhys doing this face. 
We were able to do Drawn to Animation and Muppet Vision 3-D without terrible waits, as well as eat lunch and some snacks, but after fighting the crowds for slightly too long we went Downtown Disney to Fork & Screen. We were joined by Matt (from my New Years picture) for Les Miserables, the ending of which I never actually understood until now, even though I think I've seen the stage show twice. We wandered around Downtown Disney for a little while, and danced with the kids' entertainer for a bit, then went back to Rhys' for movies and wine.

Me, Aimee and Rhys at Hollywood Studios.
No lines for Photopass!
 The next day, my Sunday, was going to be an easy day of me and Supernatural becoming better acquainted, but I was invited via text by Jodey to join her at Magic Kingdom for dinner at Be Our Guest, where I thought I was never going to get a chance to go again. We went to Magic Kingdom well before our reservation in order to put in some quality time on the People Mover and Jungle Cruise (5 minute wait!) before dinner, as well as stopping by Storybook Circus to track down our former coordinator, Dave. We did a little shopping after our 8:45 reservation, as well as meeting the Beast and thanking him for dinner, and headed home.
A painting on the wall of the Rose Gallery.
Soon to be seen on the wall of my apartment...
Don't I wish. 
The Rose Gallery room in Be Our Guest.
Roses everywhere, unsurprisingly.
The next two days at work, I was able to pick up a few more hours due to people calling in for various reasons. The crowds were tapering out, and are now almost completely gone due to kids going back to school. Highlight story of my program though: Lindsay and I were at the cart when a rogue Guest Relations cast member strolled by. Guest Relations are normally only seen on the promenade on their way to work or with a group of guests, so we inquired as to the location of his guests. He said they were in the UK and he was giving them some time while he wandered round Canada. Lindsay told him  she'd like to be Guest Relations for the sole purpose of showing around John Stamos, who visited the park a few months ago and had actually been spotted the day before in the Rose & Crown Pub. The Guest Relations cast member's jaw dropped and he told us that's exactly who he was showing around today. This cast member then went above and beyond, stopping back at the cart with his guests, John Stamos and a woman he was with, at with point we all shook hands and had a merry random time dying of happiness.


Note: Early January? Splendid time to visit Disney World. Downside? Very few College Program kids around.

Thanks to: John Stamos. For being so handsome and polite.

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