Friday, 14 December 2012

When Hearts are High the Time Will Fly so Whistle While You Work

This week was certainly no epic story time last last week (at least last week's post). No, this may have been the singular longest and slowest week of my life, if not my program at the very least.
On Friday, Rhys and I went to the Magic Kingdom for a magical day of magic. On our way there, we stopped by Magic Kingdom costuming, as this is where food & beverage cast members (ie Rhys) pick up and check out their work shoes. Chumps in merchandise and attractions get to purchase our own boots, for better or worse. It was about twenty minutes of Rhys picking out shoes and me resisting every temptation to try on all the costumes. I stared at the Haunted Mansion maid costume for a solid five minutes, just debating but not actually touching anything. I did try on a hat on our way out. No pictures, of course, and I'll let you guess which one. All my hair fit underneath, if that give you a clue. 

The windows of the Emporium on Main Street are all
decorated with scenes from Mickey's Christmas Carol.
Our day at Magic Kingdom started with a brief trip to the Main Street Bakery, which will not be there for much longer, as it is the site of a future Starbucks (the other site being Fountain View at Epcot). Our timing was exactly right to watch the castle show, also known as Dream Along with Mickey, for my first time in my program. Granted, I'd heard and walked by it many many times, but had never actually watched it. It was, of course, magical. The kind of magic that brings tears to one's eyes (Psst, dreams come true!). 
Minnie Mouse's (and my own) dream of being a princess.
We caught yet another trolley parade and did the full gambit of favourite rides, as well as the Tomorrowland Speedway, an attraction that I, again, had never done. It's Disney World Go-Karts, essentially. We stuck around just long enough to watch Cinderella's Holiday Wish (still magical), after which I fell off a curb like the picture of grace that I am and sprained my ankle, which is why my week gets very boring. A lovely Guest Relations Cast Members (to whom I owe a Guest Service Fanatic card, I suppose) called an alpha unit for me, aka an emergency squad of Reedy Creek Fire Department paramedics stationed in the park. Fastest response times in North America. Long story short, I've been on the monorail in a wheel chair, but it is in fact just a sprain, as confirmed by nurses, paramedics and a doctor. 
From Saturday until Tuesday, I was laid up in my third floor apartment with nothing but glorious American Netflix to keep me company on my constant cycle of rest, ice, compression and elevation. I tried to go back to work on Tuesday, but to no avail, I got sent to a doctor and then sent home (still, just a sprained ankle). I left my house Thursday for grocery-type provisions (driving is easier than walking, who knew?) but have basically been locked up in my tower for days (Netflix doesn't have Tangled, I checked). I took lots of pictures of the bruises all over my right foot, but there's no way they'll be posted here anytime soon. 
I do have this picture of Rapunzel's tower behind a construction wall.
No word on its purpose yet.
Today I escaped for some low-key fun Downtown Disney in the form of The Hobbit in the Fork & Screen theatre with Rhys and Laura (neither of whom knew The Hobbit was filmed as a trilogy). Long movies need Fork & Screen, for both food and seat quality. 
Laura, me and Rhys post-Hobbit and all Christmas-y!
On the plus side, things can only get more exciting next week! A visitor and back to work! Woo!


Note: Both Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel) and Lea Salonga (singing voices of Mulan and Jasmine) were both in Epcot this week to narrate the Candlelight Prcessional. And I was stuck here!

Thanks to: Ashley, Chelsea and Rhys, all of whom aided in removing me from the Magic Kingdom on Friday. 

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